How to get connected with people who want to learn?

After profile is ready, there will be a button call “Chat with Mentor” using this people who want to learn can chat with you directly


Screenshot (2)

For chat with people you will need login into our chat service

Please Download this chat app, create a new account using your mail id(Which was used for mail communication with – and login. Tou can also chat using your Android, iOS or using Web browser

– Android :
– iOS:
– Web:

If due to some office work you couldn’t reply at that time, then no worries you still can clear their queries.

Just go to your Email client(Gmail, Yahoo etc), all the chat conversation will sent to your email from mail name  –, even if you were offline for chatting. We are using service for chatting, so you will be recieving mail in that name.


Use “Reply To All” and continue the chat from your email client.


Happy Teaching :)


Welcoming learner to Community.

Hey Hi Learner it’s great to see your interest in learning from us. Am Basavaraj, First Instructor at I was 4+ years Android Developer with money crunch. This lead to starting with my 3 other friends to share our coding knowledge and earn extra cash.
image1 We started as offline training institute but soon we realized it was not possible to travel in this traffic condition for both our Instructors and Learner. Also big advantage of going online for learner was he could learn from best Instructor who was from any part of India, but we wanted Online class to be as similar to offline in terms of interactions and quality. So we choose go as One-on-One Learning.

When we started, monetary benefit was mainly exciting us, but as and when the learners and instructors came they showed us what this could be, they showed it can be platform to use humans natural strengths – Sharing Knowledge and Learning from other.

This lead to work full time on this platform, we created a model to Verify Instructors before listing them on website, also they are paid at the end of course based on ratings from learners.

Now we have some stories that are really helping us to work hard

like Arvind, Bangalore, Industrial Automation Engineer learning Web development from Sujit, West Bengal, Ex Norton Antivirus Engineer


Sudhakara, Bangalore, Java Developer Learning Android Development from Sushant, Mumbai

Purushottam, Orissa learning Game Development from Pramod, Banglore

Thanks for being part of us :)

Payments Process for Instructor

Addresing Instructor Community of
As you know Instructor community is growing and Transferring Money through NEFT is hurting the process, so we will use InstaMojo for your payments.
InstaMojo is Payment platform and we are also using it for learner payment at
Please signup at and follow their process to verifiying your account
Your Account will be verified by Instamojo in maximum 4 days, after that you are ready to receive payments
Just raise an invoice at End of course using “Request a Payment” or just pass your “InstaPay” link similar to – and we will make payments. Payment will be reflected into your Bank account in 3 working days.
One Drawback is InstaMojo will cut 2% as Transaction fee, but for time being this is best solution. Hope you understand.
Help on InstaPay, check this link .
Keep Sharing, Keep Growing!


Tips to get Learners. Part -2

We always want you to be sharing your knowledge and get more learners, for that we are collaborating with big players who will help us to achieve it.
As you know is one of Top Indian youtube channel which provides free educational videos and having your video on the platform will surely help you to get more learners(End of video put your link – and also it will help people who can’t afford your teaching(but are self motivated) can use those videos for free.
So you can create videos on your topics, have aim to make about 10 videos each of maximum 10 minutes.
How to get started-
  • First make a Index of what you will be Teaching, Check how Sujit implemented this
Objective : HTML / CSS from Scratch
Educator : Sujit Agarwal
End Goal of Collection : Learn the basics of HTML / CSS
1.Introduction: HTML – Check Video
2.Webpages and Websites
3.Headings, Paragraphs, Anchor links
5.Sorted and Unsorted List items
6.Introduction: CSS
7.Selectors in CSS
8.Changing element styles using CSS
9.Designing a table using CSS
Then put a aim to complete videos in week and start creating them.
  • For creating videos you can use
Use “Start without video”
Inline image 2
Record video(its at bottom)
Inline image 3
  • Other than video also start writing blogs and link it with your Profile.
  • Check Previous post Tips to get Learners
Let’s make our world little bigger for Sharing Knowledge :)​

Tips to get Learners!

Am Basavaraj Hampali, First Instructor and Co-Founder of addressing our Entrepreneurial Instructors

When I see, I realize one big Human Psychology. We as a human have a nature to share our Learning/Knowledge with our family, friends or loved once. Tribes in Desert Part of Africa pass water finding informations to their next generations and this has continued for 1000’s of years, these kind of things have helped humans to evolve and build present great society.

But what you folks are doing is amazing, you are making your world a little bigger for Sharing, you have added unknown and new people also to this list. Yes as a Instructor we might be having our own self interests like making extra part time money or following passion of teaching, but one truth is we are impacting a learner life in positive way. Now learner is able to achieve his Aspiration – To learn new skill and grow in his career.

Before Giving Tips to Get a Learner, would be sharing a story of one of our Instructor

Recently Sujit had applied to be as Instructor for Web Development. I was excited by his profile and thought of taking the Interview Myself. One thing which was standing out was – his name is About page of Norton Security Software(Norton puts all the major developers names who have contributed in building it). After the interview, Sujit profile – was ready and live.

The next day Arvind from Chennai, who is into Industrial Automation Domain connected Sujit from our website. He found Sujit profile impressive and his Experience as Programmer for Norton Security really impressed him. He then started chatting with him on website to clarify other details like how with his present knowledge he can learn the new skill etc. Next Guess what, the same day he paid for the course fee and very next day Sujit took his first class.

So this is the power of your platform –, we would like every one of our Instructor find the learner in just a week. For that we are giving some tips which are working for our successful Instructors.

  • Make most use of your Online Coding profiles

One of our Instructor Nihar used his profiles like Linkedin, StackOverflow, GitHub, Quora etc to win heart of learners. As Nihar was Active on these profiles, he just added “Instructor at” to his profile.  As people who were following him on these Social Network had known him of having good Coding knowledge and were easily able to see value in him and after that they visited to start learning form from him.

For example, see below images
Untitled1Untitled1Untitled1 Untitled1

  • Reply to chat in a day

100% of the our learners want to talk with Instructors before learning from them. This is why we have Chat feature inbuilt into our platform.


As you know you can reply to their messages from your Android or iOS phone OR from Web, So try to reply soon. If due to some office work you couldn’t reply at that time, then no worries you still can clear their queries.

Just go to your Email client(Gmail, Yahoo etc), all the chat conversation will sent to your email even if you were offline for chatting. We are using service for chatting, so you will be recieving mail in that name.


Use “Reply To All” and continue the chat from your email client.


Happy Teaching :)

How to be Instructor at


If you’re here then you might be interested in being an Instructor, that’s awesome! is  started by a programmer just like you to share knowledge and make some extra cash. The fact that it could make a difference in someone’s life struck him hard.

So here  you will find all the details from process of being Instructor to creating your classes and courses.

Step 1: How to be Instructor at

We have only one rule, and we are not compromising on this

You have to be a programmer with at-least 3+ years of experience.

  1. If you are programmer with 3+ year experience, then send a mail to, with below details
    • Your present job details
    • For which course you want to be an instructor (Ex Android, DotNet, etc)
    • Pass as many your social profile links as possible – like LinkedIn, Blog, Stack OverFlow, GitHub, Twitter, Facebook, Quora, Slideshare, etc.
    • Pass your previous works, it may be mobile application links, web app links, etc.
  2. We will review your mail and reply. If we find your knowledge is good to go for sharing then, we send your Profile name (Ex: and ask you to make videos
    • You need to create a small video of maximum 15 minutes
    • Check this post to see how to record video
    • You have to create a video to help learner to know about your technical and communication skill
    • In the video for first 2 minutes you can talk about your experience and knowledge, Then in latter part take any topic and explain it.
    • Some video examples
      • Web –
      • Android –

Once we verify your video you’re all set to sharing and earning! has learners across 10+ Countries

untitled_page (1)

Step 2: Course Creation:

  1. Theme: Build the course around hands-on learning and before end of course, learner should have built something useful.
  2. Class size:  At you will teach only one learner in a class, this will help you to manage it easily.
  3. Course Structure: You can use our existing course structure with modification based on what learn wants to learn. All course structures are in their respective course pages. For some more samples below
  4. Schedule: You have complete flexibility in planning your teaching schedule – days of week, time of days, number of days per week and duration of a session and complete course. Make sure that the schedule is convenient to the participants. Normally our courses are of around 36 hours.  Below are our some existing course schedules.
    • One of our Web instructor had scheduled the course with total hours as 36 for 3 months. He takes 2 class per week with each session of 1.5 hours. He takes on Tuesday and Thursday morning 7.00 AM – 8.30 AM.
    • One of our Game Development Instructor had scheduled the course with total hours as 36 for 9 weeks. He takes 2 class per week with each session of 2.0 hours. He takes one on Tuesday night 7.00 PM – 9.00 PM and another on Sunday morning 11.00 AM – 1.00 PM.
    • One of our Android instructor had scheduled the course with total hours as 36 for 3 months. He takes 2 class per week with each session of 1.5 hours. He takes  on Thursday and Sunday night 9.00 PM – 10.30 PM
  5. Fees: Each learner will be charged 500 Rs/Hr, So if course is for 36 Hrs then its 18,000 INR.
    1. Learner can opt for Demo version where he will pay 1500 INR for 3 hours, this will be completely refundable if learner wishes to discontinue.
  6. Process: You have to record each class and upload the video. This will be main point of communication for payments.

Step 3: How learner get enrolled onto course?

  1. A learners will visit the our web site, then based on course interest he will head to like Android, web etc.
  2. In course specific list like Android, all the Instructors profile will be available.
  3. He will have a look at Instructor list and he will start chatting with the Instructor  whom he selects.
  4. Then as a Instructor you can start chatting with him and help him with queries. Then he is set to be your Learner :).
  5. He pays the amount and you can start the class.

Tips to Get Learners:

Step 4: Tools for Online teaching

  • You will use, check below video to understand on how to use it

Step 5: Payment Details: 

  1. You Have to create your account on InstaMojo, Check this post
  2. As Instructor you will get 75% of learner fee and also it will be based on learner feedback
    1. You will earn 100% of your fee, if you learner’s feedback score is at-least 9 .
    2. You will earn 90% of your fee, if your learner’s feedback score is less than 9 but greater than 8.
    3. You will earn 75% of your fee, if you learner’s feedback score is less than 8.
  3. You will be paid at end of course
  4. We have Feedback system in place. Instructor with an average feedback score(On scale of 10) of  less than 5 is delisted from
  5. You will be paid to your given InstaMojo Account
  6. How much you can earn monthly – Per hour you will earn 375 Rs. You have Earning potential of 70875 INR per Month by teaching 42 Hours a week.
Teaching per week Earning per month
14 hours 23625 INR/Month
10 hours 16875 INR/Month
6 hours 10125 INR/Month
4 hours 6750 INR/Month
3 hours 5062 INR/Month

We are getting into Big Trouble which we would love to be in!

Addressing our Instructors and Learners!

First of all thanks for standing with us from Initial days. was started by us just to share our knowledge and earn some extra cash out of it, but the impact it left on learner and Instructor made us start it as a platform.

You all know this- then why are we repeating this,  Because we are getting in Big trouble and it’s very important to us to always question why we started it.

The problem we were facing from past couple of months was on how to get more learners. For that we started meeting similar Education Technology companies CEO’s(Vedantu, AcadGild, Udacity, SimpliLearn and many more) to know on how they get customers(Learner’s), And all these companies CEO’s were really supportive in helping us to understand market and Different business models. There answer was they were spending big money on Digital marketing as all these CEO’s were proven Entrepreneurs with successful exits previously, so they had little easier access to good investors.

So now for us, in our team nobody has such big cult figure to get access to big dollars but that can’t be reason to stop us. So we need to find out our own model to reach out to 1000’s of learner without spending big money on marketing, also this type of model will make sure our Learners get our service at most competitive price and for Instructors they will be able earn more revenue. This is where we were burning our midnight lamp to figure out a model.

Nature has one beautiful law – Hard work always pays off, we figured out many Computer Training Institute in Bangalore were losing out their business as they didn’t had instructors for some new technology – So solution was obvious we have pool of awesome Instructors and they had learners who want to learn new skill to grow in their career. So we started working with them.

But what is big trouble: This week through some network we meet Management of One of Biggest training Institute of India.  And with your help what we have built really impressed them and we are starting a pilot with them at Bangalore. So after pilot yearly we will get 2,000+ learners yearly without any marketing. This means our awesome Instructors will now be able to Share more and Earn more on consistent basis. The model will be again online, learner will come to an Offline place of Training Institute and Instructor will teach Online with limited learners. The trouble is we need many more Instructors.

So please refer your Friends, Colleagues to have a look at if they are intersted in sharing their knowledge. We need to add 100’s of qualiified Instructors to if we want to achieve this mamoth task. So please help us, we are betting on you folks to achieve this. Also existing Instructors please reach out to us at if you have any queries and also please complete your profile(if you have not yet done).

Ants Team

We have good opportunity to bring personalized learning back in action using power of Internet, and with this huge Qualified Manpower of India its achievable with a win-win model to all involved parties. Presently learners from about 10 countries have subscribed to our courses which  includes countries like India, USA, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and more.

Hey Instructors, need your personal note

Hey Hi Instructor
we are sending a small Gift to your learner – It’s a Mug.
Check images below








So please tell us your experience with your learner, it may be anything. We want to send that message with MUG.
One of our Instructor said
“By teaching you, I learn’t many new things- Thanks”

You can write your message on a paper and send the photo on mail or whatsapp. We will take a print out and send it with Mug.

Keep Sharing, Keep Learning!

Quote which suits you folks,
“When one Teaches, two Learn – Robert Heinlein ”

Basavaraj Hampali​
Your Helper at​

CoreData – Do you see a snag ?

I some how have got to hear this in multiple forums at multiple stages. Especially in interviews where it generally starts with “How comfortable are you with Core Data ?” and ends with “Aware of any draw backs with Core Data ?”.
So, here I write up a small article to build up the repertoire of those who are gearing up for a switch and are apprehensive of the interviews and the other set of people who had to sit blank when this was hurled at them in their interviews and could not help other than ducking this question and googling the same.
   The one word answer to this, the word that you can emphasize and stress on to save you is “In – Memory”. You can get away easily with a single statement “Core Data is In – Memory”. Now if you want to proceed with this to further strengthen your explanation and convince the interviewer, below is the explanation for you with a case considered.

Use – Case

Lets consider the case of a collage making app. The maximum images that can be allowed per collage be 8-10. Since the maximum number of images being used is already a limit imposed lets not limit the size of image.
The app is expected to support both online and offline mode. Offline mode should let the user see the collages he has created already though creating new collage may be restricted to online mode.
If the user has created a collage of 8 images each of which is around 3-4 MB lets consider. To support offline viewing of the collage thereby created we need to store these images in our app somewhere. Now the question arises as where do I store it and how ? As Core Data is the topic in discussion, lets consider we use Core – Data.
How heavy the operation would be for your persistent coordinator to fetch these images from Core Data and render them in you image views of the collage ?
Would not the App crash in a compact environment giving a memory exception ?
This is where you have to start counting on other ways of storing data for offline rendering.
If not Core – Dat what would be the other option to this case ?
Yes. NSDocumentsDirectory would fit in the need. Having your images stored in NSDocuments Directory would provide you the way to accomplish the offline functioning.
        As expected the other best answer which every iOS developer comes up with would be Thread Safety. Core Data managed object context not being Thread safe is one highlighting point for every developer scratching their heads and cursing Core – Data at times when complex threaded DB operations are to be performed. But before pointing at this, is any other framework in Cocoa Thread safe ? So is it justified to highlight managed object context not being thread safe as a snag of Core -Data just because resolving conflicts with Core-Data is a bit cumbersome when compared to other frameworks. I will some day post an article on Core Data – Thread Safety too.
 Cheers !!
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