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If you’re here then you might be interested in being an Instructor, that’s awesome! is  started by a programmer just like you to share knowledge and make some extra cash. The fact that it could make a difference in someone’s life struck him hard.

So here  you will find all the details from process of being Instructor to creating your classes and courses.

Step 1: How to be Instructor at

We have only one rule, and we are not compromising on this

You have to be a programmer with at-least 3+ years of experience.

  1. If you are programmer with 3+ year experience, then send a mail to, with below details
    • Your present job details
    • For which course you want to be an instructor (Ex Android, DotNet, etc)
    • Pass as many your social profile links as possible – like LinkedIn, Blog, Stack OverFlow, GitHub, Twitter, Facebook, Quora, Slideshare, etc.
    • Pass your previous works, it may be mobile application links, web app links, etc.
  2. We will review your mail and reply. If we find your knowledge is good to go for sharing then, we send your Profile name (Ex: and ask you to make videos
    • You need to create a small video of maximum 15 minutes
    • Check this post to see how to record video
    • You have to create a video to help learner to know about your technical and communication skill
    • In the video for first 2 minutes you can talk about your experience and knowledge, Then in latter part take any topic and explain it.
    • Some video examples
      • Web –
      • Android –

Once we verify your video you’re all set to sharing and earning! has learners across 10+ Countries

untitled_page (1)

Step 2: Course Creation:

  1. Theme: Build the course around hands-on learning and before end of course, learner should have built something useful.
  2. Class size:  At you will teach only one learner in a class, this will help you to manage it easily.
  3. Course Structure: You can use our existing course structure with modification based on what learn wants to learn. All course structures are in their respective course pages. For some more samples below
  4. Schedule: You have complete flexibility in planning your teaching schedule – days of week, time of days, number of days per week and duration of a session and complete course. Make sure that the schedule is convenient to the participants. Normally our courses are of around 36 hours.  Below are our some existing course schedules.
    • One of our Web instructor had scheduled the course with total hours as 36 for 3 months. He takes 2 class per week with each session of 1.5 hours. He takes on Tuesday and Thursday morning 7.00 AM – 8.30 AM.
    • One of our Game Development Instructor had scheduled the course with total hours as 36 for 9 weeks. He takes 2 class per week with each session of 2.0 hours. He takes one on Tuesday night 7.00 PM – 9.00 PM and another on Sunday morning 11.00 AM – 1.00 PM.
    • One of our Android instructor had scheduled the course with total hours as 36 for 3 months. He takes 2 class per week with each session of 1.5 hours. He takes  on Thursday and Sunday night 9.00 PM – 10.30 PM
  5. Fees: Each learner will be charged 500 Rs/Hr, So if course is for 36 Hrs then its 18,000 INR.
    1. Learner can opt for Demo version where he will pay 1500 INR for 3 hours, this will be completely refundable if learner wishes to discontinue.
  6. Process: You have to record each class and upload the video. This will be main point of communication for payments.

Step 3: How learner get enrolled onto course?

  1. A learners will visit the our web site, then based on course interest he will head to like Android, web etc.
  2. In course specific list like Android, all the Instructors profile will be available.
  3. He will have a look at Instructor list and he will start chatting with the Instructor  whom he selects.
  4. Then as a Instructor you can start chatting with him and help him with queries. Then he is set to be your Learner :).
  5. He pays the amount and you can start the class.

Tips to Get Learners:

Step 4: Tools for Online teaching

  • You will use, check below video to understand on how to use it

Step 5: Payment Details: 

  1. You Have to create your account on InstaMojo, Check this post
  2. As Instructor you will get 75% of learner fee and also it will be based on learner feedback
    1. You will earn 100% of your fee, if you learner’s feedback score is at-least 9 .
    2. You will earn 90% of your fee, if your learner’s feedback score is less than 9 but greater than 8.
    3. You will earn 75% of your fee, if you learner’s feedback score is less than 8.
  3. You will be paid at end of course
  4. We have Feedback system in place. Instructor with an average feedback score(On scale of 10) of  less than 5 is delisted from
  5. You will be paid to your given InstaMojo Account
  6. How much you can earn monthly – Per hour you will earn 375 Rs. You have Earning potential of 70875 INR per Month by teaching 42 Hours a week.
Teaching per week Earning per month
14 hours 23625 INR/Month
10 hours 16875 INR/Month
6 hours 10125 INR/Month
4 hours 6750 INR/Month
3 hours 5062 INR/Month

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